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Replacement for GATEWAY Solo 1100, Solo 1150 Laptop Battery

Replacement for GATEWAY Solo 1100, Solo 1150 Laptop Battery
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3 Years Warranty

  • Product ID: AUSHP002-Gateway
  • Compatible Part Numbers:

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.80V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Dimension: 274.80 x 57.30 x 20.80 mm
  • Weight: 552.83 g
  • Note: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
  • Inventory: In Stock
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    GateWay Solo 1100,
    GateWay Solo 1150

    HP OmniBook XE2-DB Series
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724W,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WR, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725N, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725NT,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726W,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WR, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754W,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WR, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756N,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756NT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756W,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WR, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758W, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1763A, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1764A,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1766NT, OmniBook XE2-DB-F1779D,
        OmniBook XE2-DB-F1789WT

    HP OmniBook XE2-DC Series
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666N, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666NT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667N,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667NT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1668W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1669W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1670W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676NT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2004WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2027WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2028WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2030WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2033W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2034W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2038WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2039WG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2040WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2041WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2042W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2046W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2047W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052K,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053K, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054K, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055K, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WR, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2056W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2057W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2058W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2059W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2060W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2061K,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065K, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066K, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KG,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2067W, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069K,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KR,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WG, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070K,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070KT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070W,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070WT, OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190K,
        OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190W

    HP OmniBook XE2-DD Series
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1671N, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1672W,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1673W, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772W,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WR, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774N, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774NT,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774W, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WT, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775N,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775NT, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775W,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WR, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1776W, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1777W,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1961WT, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962W,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962WT, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1971WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DD-F1972WT, OmniBook XE2-DD-F1984W

    HP OmniBook XE2-DE Series
        OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674W, OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WT

    HP OmniBook XE2-DI Series
        OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062W, OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WR,
        OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WT, OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068W,
        OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WR, OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WT,
        OmniBook XE2-DI-F2191W, OmniBook XE2-DI-F2192W

    HP OmniBook XE2 Series

    HP OmniBook XE Series

    HP OmniBook XE-DA Series
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1719W, OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WR,
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WT, OmniBook XE-DA-F1720W,
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WR, OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WT,
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1721W, OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WR,
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WT, OmniBook XE-DA-F1722W,
        OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WR, OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WT

    HP Pavilion N3000 Series
        Pavilion N3000 -F1920A

    HP Pavilion N3100 Series
        Pavilion N3110, Pavilion N3110-F1911A,
        Pavilion N3150, Pavilion N3150-F1912A,
        Pavilion N3190, Pavilion N3190-F1913A

    HP Pavilion N3200 Series
        Pavilion N3210, Pavilion N3210-F1914A,
        Pavilion N3215, Pavilion N3215-F1919A,
        Pavilion N3250, Pavilion N3250-F1916A,
        Pavilion N3250-F1916AR, Pavilion N3270,
        Pavilion N3270-F1917A, Pavilion N3290,
        Pavilion N3290-F1918A, Pavilion N3295,
        Pavilion N3295-F1925A, Pavilion N3295-F1925AR

    HP Pavilion N3300 Series
        Pavilion N3310, Pavilion N3310-F1926A,
        Pavilion N3330, Pavilion N3330-F1927A,
        Pavilion N3350, Pavilion N3350-F1928A,
        Pavilion N3350-F1928AR, Pavilion N3370,
        Pavilion N3370-F1929A, Pavilion N3370-F1929AR,
        Pavilion N3380, Pavilion N3380-F1930A,
        Pavilion N3390, Pavilion N3390-F1931A

    HP Pavilion N3400 Series
        Pavilion N3402, Pavilion N3402-F1952A, Pavilion N3410,
        Pavilion N3410-F1921A, Pavilion N3410-F1921AR,
        Pavilion N3438, Pavilion N3438-F1943A,
        Pavilion N3438-F1943AR, Pavilion N3478,
        Pavilion N3478-F1944A, Pavilion N3478-F1944AR,
        Pavilion N3490, Pavilion N3490-F1945A

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