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Replacement for PANASONIC EY9L40, EY9L41, EY9L42 Power Tools Battery

Replacement for PANASONIC EY9L40, EY9L41, EY9L42 Power Tools Battery
Original Price: AU $82.18 Buy Today:AU $59.99

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3 Years Warranty

  • Product ID: LLPS001
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
    EY9L40, EY9L40B, EY9L41, EY9L41B, EY9L42, EY9L42B, EZ9L41, EZ9L42, EZ9L44 , EZ9L40

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 127.70 x 75.50 x 52.62 mm
  • Note: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
  • Inventory: In Stock
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EY7541LZ2S EY7541X EY7542LR2S
EY7542LZ2S EY7542X EY7542X31
EY7546LR2S EY7546X EY7547LR2S
EY7547X EY7840LR2S EY7840LZ2S
EY7840X EY7940LR2S EY7940LZ2S
EY7940LZ2S31 EY7940X EZ3741
EZ3743 EZ3744 EZ4540
EZ4540LE2S EZ4540LR2S EZ4540LZ2S
EZ4540X EZ4541 EZ4541LR1S
EZ4541LZ1S EZ4541X EZ4542
EZ4542LR1M EZ4542LZ1M EZ4542XM
EZ4542XW EZ4543 EZ4543LE1S
EZ4543LR1S EZ4543LZ1S EZ4543X
EZ4544 EZ4544K EZ4640
EZ4640LR1S EZ4640LR1S-B EZ4640LZ1S
EZ4640X EZ4640X-B EZ4641
EZ4641K EZ4641K-H EZ7441
EZ7441LR2S-B EZ7441LR2S-H EZ7441LZ2S-B
EZ7441LZ2S-H EZ7441X-B EZ7441X-H
EZ7442 EZ7442LR2S EZ7442LR2S-H
EZ7442X EZ7442X-H EZ7541LZ2S
EZ7541X EZ7542 EZ7542LE2S
EZ7542LR2S-A EZ7542LR2S-B EZ7542LR2S-R
EZ7542LZ2S-A EZ7542LZ2S-B EZ7542LZ2S-R
EZ7542X-A EZ7542X-B EZ7542X-R


NATIONAL drill machine
EZ3740 EZ7440 EZ7440LN2S
EZ7440LN2S-B EZ7440X EZ7440X-B
EZ7540 EZ7540LN2S EZ7540LN2S-B
EZ7540X EZ7540X-B EZ7541

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